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Banjo & Mandolin Lessons

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To Play Like a Pro

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This young guitar student from Dublin, CA inspires me!

Nico has been a guitar student of mine for almost 3 years. He loves to play classic rock, blues, reggae, and just jamming with friends. Over the last few years I have seen him make amazing improvements in his musical reading, soloing and song writing. Nico is a great student and a wonderful young man. In fact, I think that other parents will like him so much, that I have decided to invite him to be a student teacher for “Guitar Confidence”. [click to continue…]


Dr. Brian Richardson has been taking guitar lessons from me on and off for the last 16 years.

He loves jazz guitar and is an incredible vocalist. He loves to work on improving his musicianship skills of soloing as well as reading music and practical application in live performances yearly with my other students and myself at local restaurants in Bay Area . This helps all students like Brian to build their “Guitar Confidence” and take their playing to next level. Brian is a great student and humble man. It’s an honor to help guide Brian in the art of guitar performance.


Danville, Dublin, San Ramon – Private Guitar Lesson

Danville April 17, 2013

Free & Half-Priced Guitar Lessons from a Pro Today I was teaching guitar lessons in Dublin, San Ramon and Danville. I received a phone call from a mom who saw my mobile guitar lessons advertisement on my car. She wanted lessons for her daughter in 8th grade. I spent 20 minutes answering her questions. I […]

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Recording Guitar Tracks with Steve Kuban

Bands / Performers June 11, 2014

In the studio laying down rhythm and lead guitar tracks with Christian Musician Steve Kuban on his new album Highlights of renowned guitarist Rex Bell playing several tracks on “Hallowed be Thy Name” (from Steve Kuban’s album “The Lord is My Tower”).

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Annual Student Recital – Pretty Woman

Guitar Lessons April 28, 2014

Here are a few clips of my students performing “Pretty Woman” at my guitar student’s yearly spring recital. My 50 piece student ensemble (featuring celebrity guest musicians) rocked the Dean Lesher Theater in Walnut Creek, CA.

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Fender 3/4 Size Classical Guitar with Nylon Strings and 2 Year Warranty

Guitars & Equipment March 17, 2014

This an excellent guitar for beginner at an amazing price. It also includes a free 2 year warranty.

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Fender 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar with Steel Strings and Gig Bag

Guitars & Equipment March 17, 2014

This a great beginner three quarter size steel string guitar and great value and includes gig bag.

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Oscar Schmidtt 1/2 Size Classical Guitar with Nylon Strings

Guitars & Equipment March 17, 2014

This an excellent guitar by an renowned manufacturer and at such a great price. It features nylon strings instead of steel which are much easier on beginner students fingers.

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Yamaha 1/2 Size Classical Guitar with Nylon Strings

Guitars & Equipment March 17, 2014

This is by far the best beginner half size guitar with nylon strings and easy on beginners fingers  instead of traditional steel string guitars.

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Guitar Lessons & Gifts – Dublin – Pleasanton CA

Guitar Lessons December 9, 2013

Give the Gift of Music this Holiday Season in Pleasanton & Dublin I love this time of year and always love giving gifts. I have wonderful students of all ages 0n electric and acoustic guitars as well as 4 string electric bass, 4 and 5-string banjo, mandolin and ukulele. All my students from Dublin & […]

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Student of the Month – July 2013 – Andrew

Students July 29, 2013

Andrew is an amazing young student, who has been studying with me for 1 year. He always impresses me with how quickly he learns and plays. As well as the banjo, he has gone through 2 college level guitar books in 6 months. This normally takes adults 12 months, but this 12 year old wonderkid […]

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Students of the Month – June 2013 – Mark & Nico

Students June 24, 2013

Mark & Nico are seeing great results after only 2 months of guitar lessons. Father and son duo Mark & Nico decided to take guitar lessons together before Nico is off to college. They are both just beginners and are absorbing everything incredibly fast and having a blast.

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