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To Play Like a Pro, Learn From a Pro

To Play Like a Pro

Learn from a Pro

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on the road composing & arranging music, playing with the greats - lessons you can't get from someone who hasn't lived it.

Kyle has been a guitar student of mine for 2 1/2 years. He loves to play classic rock, blues, and just jamming with friends in a band. Over the last few years I have seen him make amazing improvements in his musical reading and fingering techniques. Kyle is a wonderful student and a amazing young man. In fact, I think that other parents will like him so much, that I have decided to invite him to be a student teacher for “Guitar Confidence”. [click to continue…]


Rex Lee Bell helps develop rock-star guitar players.

Whether it’s just a dream or fantasy for beginning or mid-level guitar students, becoming the next rock star is possible. Rock stars come from every corner of the world, so Dublin, San Ramon and Pleasanton CA can definitely produce the next mega-hit rock band.

Becoming a rock star involves a lot more than just great guitar lessons like the ones Rex Lee Bell provides. Learning from a pro guitar player who has been on tour with many famous performers provides future rock stars with the opportunity to learn what life on the road is like for a band – the good and the bad.

rock-star-guitar-lessonsA great way to gain some insight into the music industry and some of the challenges that every rock star seems to encounter on the road to fame and fortune is to watch some documentary videos on various performers, bands or music styles.

Here are a few videos recommended by Rex Lee Bell that future San Ramon, Dublin & Pleasanton guitar rock stars may enjoy:

  • Muscles Shoals – you won’t believe how much music came out of this little town in Alabama.
  • The History of the Eagles – Great insight into the trials and tribulations of keeping a hit rock band together.
  • Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers – more insight into keeping it together for the long haul.
  • Song of the South – How the Allman Brothers launched the Southern Rock sound and how tragedy can alter the future of a rock band.

Rock Star Guitar Lessons Special available now through December 25th. Gift certificates now available for stocking-stuffers for that special guitar player or banjo, bass guitar, ukulele or Mandolin student.

For every 2 private lesson gift certificates purchased, we will throw in 1 free lesson.

That’s 3 private one hour lessons in your home for $150, plus a free method book, a $75 savings to you!

Through December 25th you can buy unlimited packages, but on December 26th only one package per customer.  This also includes unlimited family members for each lesson. Which can be a parent and 2 children at same time

You can gift wrap the book – when it’s opened, the recipient will find gift envelope with 3 sixty minute guitar lesson gift certificates inside.

Holiday Specials & Gift Certificates
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