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To Play Like a Pro

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Kyle has been a guitar student of mine for 2 1/2 years. He loves to play classic rock, blues, and just jamming with friends in a band. Over the last few years I have seen him make amazing improvements in his musical reading and fingering techniques. Kyle is a wonderful student and a amazing young man. In fact, I think that other parents will like him so much, that I have decided to invite him to be a student teacher for “Guitar Confidence”. [click to continue…]


The many rewards of  music (guitar!) lessons

As I’ve pointed out in some previous blogs (and will continue to do so in the future), learning a musical instrument has many advantages. For example, playing a musical instrument improves cognition and memory, reduces stress, and helps teach perseverance.

music brain developmentI have already been reaping the benefits of picking up guitar, including in the social realm. I often bring up my current successes and failures with guitar in everyday conversation with friends and family, or whenever I meet someone new.

People are always fascinated to hear my story of how I played guitar when I was in high school and how I decided to pick it up again recently. It especially comes as a shock when they realize how and when I find time to practice – for example, during work hours in my car anytime I can get away from my ball and chain desk for a break (shh…) . I’d have to admit guitar has unleashed a side of my personality that I lost somewhere along the way of adolescence and adulthood. Though the stresses of ordinary life suppressed my love for music, starting guitar again has helped me in more ways than one since I started. I feel more interesting, creative, sharper, and well-rounded. I love it!

Learning an instrument can open up a side of yourself you may have never met before; give yourself the opportunity to grow as a person and let your musical personality shine – pick up your favorite instrument and give yourself a chance to be someone new!

Here’s a great article on music and brain development and how music helps auditory learners.


Reading Music for Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons October 21, 2014

Mastering Guitar Method The second book Rex introduces in his lesson plan for beginner guitar players is called Guitar Method (Book 1) by Hal Leonard. I remember the first edition of this book – I had received it with my guitar many years ago, and seeing that it’s still in use today goes to show that […]

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Tascam CDGT2 Guitar Trainer

Accessories October 20, 2014

This guitar trainer from Tascam is a must-have accessory for any guitar student learning to jam with others.  It allows you to playback your favorite CD tracks at any speed to practice your favorite licks and solos. Playback any song at any speed that is comfortable without having to re-tune your guitar. A great Holiday […]

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7 Tips to Improve Guitar Practice Sessions

Guitar Lessons October 14, 2014

 Basic Dos and Don’ts for Guitar Practice It’s been a couple of weeks now that I’ve been practicing guitar and I’ve picked up a few key items that help guitar practice go more smoothly. These things seem to be common sense, but you would be surprised – sometimes when we’re so determined to do something […]

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San Ramon CA Free Guitar Lesson

San Ramon October 9, 2014

First guitar lesson is FREE in San Ramon CA GuitarConfidence offers the first lesson free for guitar, banjo, mandolin and ukelele in San Ramon, California. That’s not all – we come to you! 5-Star Review – San Ramon My wife asked for guitar lessons for Christmas and I was lucky enough to find Rex. There […]

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Guitar Practice Hiccups in San Ramon

Guitar Lessons October 8, 2014

Creativity doesn’t always come easy – it takes practice. When we are children, the world is full of possibilities and there are few limitations. But where does that all go? It gets lost somewhere along the way of adolescence and adulthood for most of us, as we are coerced into the schooling system followed by […]

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Female Model Avoids Guitar Nubs in Livermore CA

Guitar Lessons October 1, 2014

Livermore CA Guitar Student Hates Guitar Nubs A couple of months prior to actually starting guitar lessons in Livermore CA, I was merely entertaining the idea of picking up guitar again. One of my concerns – as I’m always telling Rex (guitar instructor) – is that I don’t want to have ‘nubs’! What am I […]

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Yelp! Recognizes Guitar Confidence – San Ramon, Dublin CA

Guitar Lessons September 28, 2014

Yelp! Gives Guitar Confidence Special Award Yelp Gives Guitar Confidence special recognition as one of the best guitar lesson sites for Dublin, San Ramon, Livermore and Pleasanton. Guitar Confidence has 26  genuine 5-Star Yelp! reviews. I have been teaching guitar, 4 string and 5 string electric bass , 4 string and 5 string banjo as well […]

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Finding Time to Practice Guitar – Pleasanton, Livermore

Guitar Lessons September 22, 2014

You got to pay to play…!!! To play guitar like a pro, you need to practice like a pro. Being out of the guitar game for so many years, it felt nearly impossible to make time to practice my guitar lessons. I tried to practice guitar at least 15 minutes a day – but was […]

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Guitar Lesson 1 – Free in Livermore

Guitar Lessons September 15, 2014

I learned more in my first guitar lesson with Rex Bell than in 6 months with my previous guitar instructor For my first in-home guitar lesson in Livermore CA. I had only my guitar, but Rex brought his guitar, tablet, an instructional booklet, and a great attitude. Rex started off by explaining some of his extensive […]

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